Paulo Freire, responsibility and data science

I'd like to start this post (and this blog) with a quote:

"(...) The more I train myself as a professional, the more I systematize my experiences, the more I make use of the cultural heritage, which is everyone's heritage and to which everyone must serve, the more my responsibility with the men increases."1

This is a free translation of a Paulo Freire's2 quote from "Education and change". This expresses how I've been feeling about all the cool things I've learned so far. In fact, I did almost all of my education for free. I've studied in public schools and in a public university, which were paid by everyone. And nowadays I've been using a lot of freely available online resources. It's about time to start sharing and hopefully help other people to learn as well.

Why I've choosen a blog?

I've chosen to do so in a blog because it's an flexible medium. It allows for several types of content. The blog format also suits my other objectives, which are:

  • to keep a lerning log, so that I can revisit stuff that I've learned; and
  • improve my writing skills, both in Portuguese, my mother tongue, and in English.

Who am I?

I'm a Brazilian. I currently work as a Data Scientist at Bravi, where we build a Learning Analytics platform. I've studied Computer Science in college. Today the tools I use and like the most are Python, the SciPy stack and Jupyter Notebooks.

I aspire to be an educator. Unfortunately, the specific subject is yet to be decided. I keep changing my mind from technology and data science related areas to something related to Permaculture and sustainable living.

I really like the whole FLOSS idea. Actually, I also like other "Open" things, like Open Science, Open Access, Open Data, Open Education and so on. I really think that the knowledge and technologies should benefit everyone and one great way of doing so is to the make them publicly available.

What is this blog about?

Here you can expect to see posts about a lot of topics, but the ideia is to keep the main focus on Data Science. When I was still thinking if I would create this blog I listed the topics I like, and therefore, that I would like to study and share with you. I've created a mind map3 that you can see below. I guess it'll take a while, but someday I'll talk about them all.

Subjects mind map

  1. Free translation of "(...) Quanto mais me capacito como profissional, quanto mais sistematizo minhas experiências, quanto mais me utilizo do patrimônio cultural, que é patrimônio de todos e ao qual todos devem servir, mais aumenta minha responsabilidade com os homens." Paulo Freire in Educação e Mudança, p.20 

  2. Paulo Freire is a Brazilian educator. Arguably one of the most influential, at least one of the most cited ones according to this study

  3. This mind map was created using MindMup

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